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, just to mention the potrero hill folks, and the powerpoint task force, the people that have worked on that for years need to be thanked for this. [applause] obviously, people from bayview who worked on their power plant and this one so much. espanola jackson would be here, but she is recovering. we have community activists who have worked and really added their voice to this and were there when we needed them to be, but no campaign actually works without a standard bearer, someone willing to walk in front, get abused, keep going with the singular force of saying, "i'm going to make this happen no matter what anybody says to me he can that takes a singular kind of courage that you do not always see eye and elected officials, and that person is so the maxwell -- sophie maxwell. >> when they say it takes a village to raise a child, it has taken a state and city to close this power plant. i started working on these plans when i took office, and now, the plants are leaving with me -- at least this one is -- and that is great. i also want to thank all of those folks. i remember the first
came to hire, or is it that they were developed differently? >> the powerpoint presentations were developed differently. however, i have two coaches her school but not coaches from the grant, and i did not include that in the grant. the district does have seven schools, so they get two coaches, english, two masked, survey and up with seven times do -- two omath, so they end up with seven times. >> how does a community outreach happen? >> i think it is a great, but when you only have seven of them funded by the sagig. >> they can be family positions? >> part of our logic in our application base reorganization, so part of that central theme needed to include this director for community outreach as well as a project manager and a couple of necessary fiscal analysts to deploy and manage the resources, but that is one way we are able to fund our small team. the rest are reallocated from the district, so our teachers on special assignment are working in another department, so our area teams have a similar number of personnel. >> the director does focus on the schools, but she does also
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)